A Rich History

Buffalo’s history is rich with stories of culture, progress, and resilience. From it’s time as an early settlement of Seneca Indians more than 1,000 years ago, the area evolved into a small trading community circa 1789. Buffalo has seen many seasons of change to become what it is today, offering many museums and tours to tell the tales.

Gateway to the West

Buffalo has an unexpected past from which there is much to learn. Located on the Erie Canal’s western banks, immigrants found an easy crossing, inviting ancestors, and persons of talent such as William G. Fargo, jazz legends like Louis Armstrong, and even presidents who resided, governed, and were buried here. Slaves seeking freedom through the Underground Railroad arrived in Buffalo and the community became a beacon of the Civil Rights Movement thereafter.


The City of Buffalo welcomes the curious to take in the tours. We feel certain you’ll find several to your liking as many topics of interest are available. Downtown — from historical architecture to anti-slavery exhibitions, sports history, even deco design; Crime — the scandals and mob influences from downtown to Allentown; and Neighborhood — authentic historic homes standing in a stately line in select districts.

Downtown Tours

Crime Tours

Neighborhood Tours